sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

Solar Decathlon Europe. (e)co . SPAIN

(e)co proposes a new way to understand dwelling as the outcome of interrelated and balanced components and the equilibrium between intermediated passive spaces and high performance spaces. (e)co operates as a “box in box” where each layer has its own characteristics and requirements. On the one hand the outer skin has to be a primary optimized element able to cope with external agents. On the other hand the inner skin is protected from the agents. However it has to solve high standards of comfort and low environmental impact.
Outer Skin
The first skin (Industrialized, technical Cycle) aims to solve basic environment relation phenomena. This is achieved using industrialized systems based on agricultural greenhouses. In order to occupy the maximum volume allowed with a lower cost, we chose a standard greenhouse system already existing in the market.
Inner Skin
The second building skin (Organic Cycle) defines the maximum comfort and quality spaces. Its blueprint represents the minimal area allowed by the competition rules regarding acclimatized spaces: 45m2

Source: (e)co