martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Council House 2. Green Building. AUSTRALIA

From  2001–2005 I was the Principal Design Architect of CH2 for the City of Melbourne, a 12 000m2 mixed use building in downtown Melbourne. This building follows the same principles at those established at Eastgate: the architecture and its visual expression should respond to the natural, socio-cultural and economic environment of its location in the same way that an ecosystem in nature is embedded in its site. The metaphor for Eastgate was the termitary, the metaphor for CH2 is the tree.
CH2 is a mixed development with retail on the ground floor and with nine floors of offices above. It was completed in September 2006 and occupied in November. A post-occupancy survey was made in 2008 by an independent surveyor from London. CH2 achieved 6-star as-built rating in January 2010. It has won numerous awards and international acclaim.